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NanoXplore: Graphene: Short route from discovery to maturity


Graphene: Short route from discovery to maturity . The “wonder material” of the 21st century is graphene. It conducts electricity better than copper and is much stronger and much lighter than…

NanoXplore brings color to the world of graphene!

Our polypropylene composites with 1% graphene (by weight) are now available in variety of colors. NanoXplore’s graphene-enhanced thermoplastics have already improved mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. Adding color to graphene,…

NanoXplore, Sustainable Development Technology Canada

NanoXplore Graphene to Improve Electric Motor Driven Systems

NanoXplore Awarded $3.3M from Sustainable Development Technology Canada. Group NanoXplore Inc., a Montreal-based company specialising in the production and application of graphene and its derivative materials, is very pleased to announce…